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On my 42 birthday…

April 14, 2013

Today is my 42 birthday (yes I have 2 1/2 yo… Advanced maternal age anyone?)…

One of my friends (who is significantly younger) remarked that it is just a number. But I am not afraid of that number. I worked hard to be where I am now. If you could wish me back to any other age, I wouldn’t take you up on it. NO WAY!

I think back to just 10 years ago… I was in an ok job and wishing desperately to find someone to get married and have kids. (I joked that was my part-time job.) Although, the married part of that plan fizzled, I hit the jackpot with the kids part. 🙂

Additionally, I am healthy, not-totally-unfit, have a decent house in a fun neighborhood, and a great job. I have a family that I am close to (geographically and socially) and some friends in my life (and am making strides in having more friends too!)

All in all, my life is pretty great.

Even my birthday was great. Not everyone would think so. But I did. Since we had a big family birthday thing just last night for my nephew (he was 4), I decided not to have a big party tonight, just me and the kids. I asked my mom to take my daughter out to get me a present during the little boy’s nap. They came back with presents, cake, flowers and party noise makers. Ok, it is a bit odd to light your own birthday candles. 😉 but hey, I got to act 20 year younger and try to take a picture of us all with my phone camera! (The 2 yo was having none of it… Cut the cake Mama!)

My life just keeps growing better.

(cute appliqué I just did today it seemed appropriate)


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