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Sewing as love… My little Irish Dancer

March 18, 2013

I have always loved to go the the St. Patrick’s day parade. I never went as a kid, but as an adult it was a must do (and NOT for the drinking…). I love the bands, the floats, and… The dancers. The bouncy, Irish dancers. My maternal grandfather is 100% Irish. But I never danced as a kid (my folks were too busy running a business for things like dance classes and we lived in a rural area to boot.)

But I always got a little misty and choked up when the dancing girls went by. Not sure why… But I did.

Last year after the parade my daughter begged and begged to start Irish Dancing. So she took classes last spring. This year she took them again. She is still a rank beginner, but she really wanted to dance in the St. Pats parade. She was too young to dance in the BIG formal parade, but could dance in a smaller Saturday one.

But she needed black pants and shoes, a white headband and school colors on top (I picked purple). Oh yeah, and the weather forecast was 27 degrees… And it was Tuesday… Dash out of work early for a quick trip to the big box fabric store…

Do you know they don’t have patterns for basic fleece tops in March??? After a near panic, I took one MORE look thru the pattern book… And found this: (Simplicity 2745)


Well it WAS for fleece! It bit more fancy, but super cute!

Shhh… I haven’t done the buttonholes (I am not very good at those) I just safety pinned her it it.


She had a blast! (After she got over her major case of the jitters…)

And she was toasty warm and way super adorable…

I was totally pooped afterwards (staying up late to finish and dealing with her nerves) but it was my love manifested to help make this happen for her. 🙂

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