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Stomach flu, sick kids and visitation

February 12, 2013

It is amazing how your (mine?) thoughts can change on a dime. Insert in a new fact and everything changes. Situations that you couldn’t STAND, all of sudden become tolerable or even desirable… we, as humans, are so odd!

My daughter has been getting extremely angry at me lately, lots of yelling and storming off. Additionally, she has been lying, ignoring and disobeying… Let’s just say it hasn’t been fun. On Sunday night I was sighing in relief that the weekend was over.

Then the throwing up started. Poor girl… Two days in this today and she is still pretty under the weather. She will be home again tomorrow.

It was amazing to step outside myself and see my thoughts change. Soon as she was sick… TV? Sure… Whining? Oh, poor girl… Etc. Some of the same behaviors, but a completely different thoughts and reactions inside my head. I could have ignored her and tried to work on Monday, but I didn’t. I sat with her. We just hung out at times watching TV together. What was intolerable the day before, no longer was…. Hmmmm….. Why? More food for thought.

On a different note – Today, for the first time, I let my husband (and mother-in-law) have visitation beyond the schedule. They took my sick daughter for most of the day so I could go to a client.

I was discussing the logistics of getting the sick girl to her house and the boy to daycare when she suggested that my future-ex could pick sick girl up “but I don’t want to have trouble with the court” (he isn’t to drive the kids …) this was the first time she actually admitted to knowing that, it made me feel better that she did realize the court’s limits (I wasn’t actually sure.). It is so hard to not have open lines of communication and so many conversational subjects that are taboo…

Wish me luck, we are having a “joint” birthday party this weekend (his family and mine). First one since he moved out!

Linking up with Shell’s Pour your heart out today.

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