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Making space for the new

February 4, 2013

I had a very productive weekend. It was my husband’s weekend with the kids (not overnight – he just gets day visits 9 to 5:30). So I had time to do what I wanted child-free.

Yesterday, I got into my woodshop and finished up installing my new desk. It would send my buddy Norm Abrams into shock, since my desk is a raw wood – plywood, 2×4’s and drywall screws – a monstrosity… Ugly, not a piece of elegant wood working. But it is working great! And yes, I am going to finish it… So as I figure out what color to paint it … 🙂

I also hung the new closet curtains (made from the old curtain linings). They are, as expected, too short. But only about 12″… I think I might add a patchwork stripe or two? Project for the WIP pile.

I was on such a roll, that I put all my stuff back in my closet (moved when I repainted the room) cleaning out my husband’s old closet. One of the items I found in that closet was a pile of papers, research for a non-profit idea I had about 10 years ago. I looked at them and realized that the day for that dream is long past. I am not that person anymore, and that dream no longer has appeal for me. I let it go… Both literally, by placing the papers in the recycle bin, and mentally, by realizing that I no longer wanted to do that and it was OK!

Flash forward to today… I have been reading Laura Vanderkam’ fascinating book 168 Hours: You have more time than you think. One of her first exercises is to list 100 dreams. I was working on this list (I got to 21 so far) and I started to think about wanting to make a difference in the world. And I had a brain flash. I really want to work on early detection vision problems in kids. After all the struggling my poor daughter has gone thru this last year, I just want to help parent know about this issue that affects 3-5% of children. I have tons of ideas, and am pretty excited about this.

I realized that I wouldn’t have start thinking this way unless I had opened up space the day before by letting go of my old dream.

You need to make space in your life in order to be open to new…

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  1. February 6, 2013 3:35 am

    Quite a thought provoking post! An enjoyable one too 🙂
    I hope your new dream/venture goes well & thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Sarah xx

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