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Anger and aggressiveness

November 17, 2012

I don’t really understand what would cause someone to cross the line from anger into physical aggressiveness.

For that matter, I don’t understand how someone can justify yelling, acting extremely angry and confrontational in front of their children.

Both are inconceivable to me.

Yet, both happen with my husband… Not once but twice in one day. Once with my sister at his visitation pickup and again with me at the drop off.

In the words of my two year old “Dada hit aunty” and “Dada grabbed Mama!”. Actually, he did the same thing to both of us, he grabbed the middle of our upper arm and pulled us towards him. Let me tell you, that hurts for hours…

But mostly it was shocking.

On one level the timing was shocking… to me, he did it in the one second I was out of sight of the other adults. That shows some foresight and control. And he has since denied it even happened.

The other part that was shocking is that I had my crying son in the other arm… Trying to help him with the dropoff transition. That didn’t seem to matter…

Obviously steps have been taken and I haven’t been in his presence since.

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