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Sad day for a little girl

October 8, 2012

My daughter cried today. Several times. She would get all choked up and sob, then after a few seconds, get all brave.. Literally dry her tears and go draw something with a determined zeal and forced cheerfulness.

It was heart breaking.

We told her about the divorce this afternoon.

She asked if we still loved each other… I hedged. I said we loved each other once and our love made her and her brother.

I had gotten picture books out of the library about divorce. She looked at them and said: “I am not ready to read those yet” and she went back to drawing. A while later she sat down beside me and looked at the pictures of one. ( didn’t want me to read). She cried. I hugged her, she went back to drawing with a fierceness. She came back and we read most of the Mister Rogers Talks about Divorce… More tears and hugs…

She is over at my moms for the night and a special grandma day tomorrow.

Next Sunday her dad is going to pack up and move.

I asked him to keep it “normal” this week to let her get used to the idea then next weekend get the moving done all at once (like ripping off a bandaid). Hopefully he does. Consideration of the kids feelings is not something he has been doing so well at.

Fingers crossed.

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