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Tried and found guilt in the court of… Facebook

August 11, 2012

Well, I thought I called it wrong… Tuesday past rather uneventfully, no big blow up from my husband. (this was the day he was to see my 22 page legal response to his divorce filing… Nicely put, many pages of explicit detail of why he is not a good partner or dad.)

But I discovered yesterday, there was no response because he fired his attorney so they wouldn’t take the papers. Long story short, he was served the papers today, at home, after I had to wake him up since he slept thru the process server ringing the bell and knocking on the door. Great fun! (not.)

Actually, his response was rather subdued, considering. He called my cell 11 times, leaving messages each time (until my voice mail was full).

At some point during the day he posted a status update on Facebook complete with tagging me. His post acted like I filed for divorce and he was just served out of the blue on our little boy’s 2 birthday. Went on about being a stay at home dad and how I wanted to cut him out of the kids’ life. (no mention, of course, of his court order, shouting outbursts or refusing to go to mediation).

8 hours later his 32+ comments all rave about what a great dad he is and how he will win custody. My aunt commented that it was a private family matter and it didn’t belong on fb… That was deleted within 5 minutes. (I just happened to notice.) I am sure with his 800+ friends there will be a lot more to come.

It is so silly. Really? Facebook? It is either an attempt for support, since he is feeling lonely and/or an attempt to embarrass me. Due to the tagging, I am going with a little of both. (I thought about removing the tag, but I decided not to show I even noticed it.)

Good luck dude. Of course your drinking and artist friends think you are a good dad, they only see you with the kids when you want to show off. The courts are going to decide this, not Facebook. And the lawyers see thru your bunk, that’s why you just fired yours.

On a different not, we just got our emergency divorce intervention court date… 32 days out!!!! Yikes!

ok. I can do this…

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  1. August 11, 2012 1:07 am

    Absolutely that shouldn’t be on FB – I agree!

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