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Single mom? A test run.

June 5, 2012

I have been doing more and more without my hubby. Outings with the kids, dinners, chores, etc. if he is home (and awake) I include him but I am not counting on his assistance much these days.

Side note – he has been basically childcare free with the boy in daycare for two months, no increase in house chores or participation. Still “tired” and “sick of the kids” nearly all the time.

This weekend I took the kids on an overnight trip to cabin in the woods. By. My. Self! Yup me and the 5 year old and nearly 2 yo. WOW!

Some of the nicest moments:

  • just hanging out at the playground and playing. No need to rush home
  • laughing and being silly. Watching my kids have fun together.
  • how cool my kids are! This is why we have kids – to take them to explore and have fun in places like the woods…
  • no stewing anger! It was such a release to not be mad… No one left messes for me to pickup or made choices I didn’t like but had to deal with. No one snapped at me. I didn’t realize how often all that happens until I didn’t for 36 hours.

It wasn’t too hard by myself. And it was much more pleasant for everybody without hubby along to be cranky.

Food for thought…

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  1. June 25, 2012 6:37 pm

    Congratulations! it’s tons of fun. Also did this (without the husband, to Disney). Had the best vacation!

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