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More like Roommates?

March 15, 2012

I have had roommates as an adult. I graduated from college at 28 and struggling to find a good job for about 6 years after that so I had apartments with other adults. Having a roommate as an adult is a bit odd. Basically, you try to carve out separate living spaces so that you only share a kitchen and a bathroom. You eat in your living space. You read and watch tv there. You do projects on your bed.

This is basically what hubby and I have become. He works, plays and sleeps in the living room. I work, play and sleep in our bedroom. After the kids are in bed (if he is even home) we retreat to our separate spaces.

Today, due to some stupidity I worked from home (I went to work without my laptop! Rather than drive back I stayed home). So at one point when getting lunch in the kitchen, I wandered out to talk to hubby. What occurred was a perfect example of why we are living like roommates in separate sides of the house.

I asked if he had heard that his mother had been mad at me thinking I was ignoring her (she had forgotten I changed my phone number). He proceeded to tell me I was wrong, that she wasn’t mad at me, she was worried I was mad at her. Arg!! Can’t we just have a simple conversation without me being wrong and him correcting me?

So that was exactly what I told him. I explained that I was avoiding him rather than having conversations like this one. I don’t know what will come of it but at least it is out there…

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