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No place for regrets?

March 10, 2012

Have you ever had an event that made you start to rethink your life choices? To play “what if” and guess how you could have changed the outcome?

Maybe some background is important. I live in the city. So does my sister (actually she lives just across the street). We have been, for years, talking to all of our suburbanite friends about how great some of the city schools are. And how luckily we are that we can choose what school to send our kids to.

We jumped thru hoops and testing to get both our daughters into the best school for kindergarten. But the reality is that there are only about 50 spots picked on merit. Another 25 in that school are placed by random lottery. There are two other good schools – they have about 30 slots each (after sibling preference) also granted by random lottery. All the parents are fighting for these few spots (the open house at the one school had a full auditorium!)

Today my daughter got a kindergarten rejection letter she didn’t get one of the merit slots. My niece got a rejection too.

My sister is already voicing regret about not homeschooling her daughter or not sending her to a better pre-school.

I am torn. I am certainly disappointed and sad, but I am trying not to worry… Trying to hope that they will both “win the lottery” and get into good schools. I don’t want to play the what ifs …. I think that is the path to …. Madness maybe? Definitely not a place I want to go to today. 🙂

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  1. March 15, 2012 5:07 am

    The ‘what-ifs’ will get you every time.

    Try not to dwell on things. Stay positive. Even if it doesn’t seem so right now? Things will eventually fall into place.

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