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It is a bad sign when you prefer to do things without him

February 6, 2012

This was a weekend for experiments. Your could call it the “Tale of two outings”.

First outing. Saturday. I decide to go to the park with the kids (since there isn’t any snow!). Hubby ask if I want him to go. I say it would be easier. He disappears. I get the kids ready and head out… Shouting up as I leave. He runs out at the last second. At the playground, we get into a disagreement over how independent our 18 month old can be ON THE TOP of the 8 foot tall multi-slide… I can see the other parents give us those sideways looks as they urge their kids to play on the other play areas. (far away from the angry dad)… So not fun.

Second outing. Sunday. He want us to go the library all together. I make excuses about nap schedule and library opening time… My daughter and I go together and have a fine time!

It is still too much to take both kids out with just me but I think that is only a matter of my son getting a bit older. He is already better than he was just a few weeks ago.

Thinking about this weekend I think I won’t be suggesting family outings very often. Even when hubby doesn’t get angry or ugly, he is always two steps away doing his own thing – not part of the group of the kids and I. I am alway disappointed or frustrated.

Maybe someday this will change but for right now, I am much happier doing stuff WITHOUT my hubby. Sad but true.

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