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Um… I think you just proved the point…

January 25, 2012

Remember the book “Why does he do that?: Inside the minds of Angry and controlling men” by Lundy Bancroft that I was reading on the Kindle a couple of weeks ago?

I got a copy out of the library for my sister to read. (She is having similar problems in her marriage, too.)   She gave me back a stack of books to return to the library and that title was one of them.   Apparently. my husband saw it and was a bit put out by it.  So he decided to confront me about it.   It went something like this:

Him: {swaggering in and standing while I am sitting on the couch}  I read some of your ABUSER book. It only has about this much {fingers about 1 inch apart} to do with our life.

Me:  Hm.

Him: You know I read your books.  I want to know what you are thinking about.  An ABUSER wouldn’t read your books.   {delivered with his smug superior tone and look}

Me:  Mm.

Him: I don’t know why you would get that book.  {still baiting for a confrontation} I don’t know if you got it for you or your sister.

At this point he sort of wandered away since he wasn’t getting any rise out of me.

I don’t know about you, but this whole conversation sort of creeped me out.  It came off to me that he wanted me to know that he was checking up on my library book choices.  Which is just a bit…umm… controlling?   And clearly he was angry about this particular book.   Umm…yeah… nothing to do with our life.  Nothing at all.

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  1. January 26, 2012 6:03 pm

    Yep, it’s creepy. Unfortunately, my husband has been doing that for years and years now. In fact, he is the reason why I try to keep all books like that on my Nook and hidden as much as possible. Because, to risk him finding something like that would be just too much. I no longer journal in actual books any more either because I found out he was reading those as much. I really liked how you were able to keep it together so calmly and cooly. I wish I could do that. Nicely handled.

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