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Please tell me librarians are like priests

October 9, 2011

I dragged my sick self out of the empty house and off to the library today.  Two reasons: I had books due yesterday, and if I could get there before opening and drop them in the box there would be no fines.  (magically!)  Also I had requested a book and was running out of time to pick it up.  So off I went…

I go to the library a lot. At least every few weeks.   Most of the librarians recognize me.  Today, I had the older man who wears a suit and tie.  He always seems pretty serious, formal and a bit geeky.   He surprised me by commenting that I was solo today (without by daughter or even son in tow) and how it must be nice for me to have some “alone time.”    A bit later, he walked up to me and let me know he reviewed my account and renewed the books that were due.  (Those same books that I had sneaked into the overnight drop box just before opening …)

Sweet as it was… it got me to thinking about the books I check out of the library… and what these librarians must be thinking:   He renewed – “40 Beads – the sexy secret to transforming your marriage” and checked out my requested title “The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage” by Dr. Laura.  Today’s new books were “The Secret Lives of Wifes”, “Off Balance: Getting beyond the work-life balance myth” and a book with “Undersexed Spouses” in the title.  As well as “Sheep in a Jeep”, a new Dinosaur Train DVD and the movie “Elvis has Left the Building”. 

Hey, at least I didn’t get “Go the F*CK to sleep”!!!   (Which they did have….  surprisingly.) 

Please tell me librarians are like priests… 🙂   Please….

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