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Soft and cuddly

September 30, 2011

My son (who by the way is walking) is in love with anything soft and cuddly. 

Every night, I know he is tired when he starts dragging some cloth around and putting it on his head (like a little ghost).  Then he peeks out and smiles.  He is very fond doing this with one of my scarfs.  

Since you haven’t met me in person, you don’t know that I have quite a collection of soft and cuddly scarfs.  You see, if my neck gets cold I get cranky… (which is never good)  and we are cheep and can’t afford to really heat our drafty old house – so I wear a lot of scarfs.  

Actually, they aren’t really scarfs (cheep again!).  They are 12″ strips of fabric from Joanns.  It is call “Ultra cuddle” and it is the best!  So soft and durable.   I have made all sorts of stuff with this fabric – blankets and sleep mats for the girls, scarfs for gifts, even made a new coat for a beloved stuffed animal.

So this weekend, it was time to get my boy his own little blanket.  I ended up getting two – I got 1 yard of brown and a smaller piece of a “boy print”  with suns and little animals that matches his room.  He has been totally thrilled with his new blankets and dragging them around the house! 

I didn’t do much with the fabric – I just trimmed off the selvage edges and rounded the corners.  Then I rubbed off the rest of the furry bits then vacuumed up the mess.  (Yes, the fabric makes a mess when you cut it – little bits everywhere!)   Very easy and adorable.

It makes me happy.  (and makes my son happy too!)

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