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June 9, 2011

My 4yo daughter has always been very into books.  She loves going to the library and getting a huge pile of new books for us to read.  She loves to sit in her bed at nap time or bed time and look at the pictures (after we read the 3 book limit each night.)  She has tons of books that she loves.

After a nearly a full year in Pre-school, she is starting to “crack the code”.  She knows her letters.  She knows some of the sounds. She recognizes words.  She knows what comes next in stories.

And what book is going to be her first book to read you ask?  What is the book that she knows all the words to?  

Some classic story?   A Great children’s book from my childhood?


Yes, I let her get this book from the Scholastic catalog back when we were planning the “Princess party”.   As she said “Mama, it is only $4.  And it is the ONLY book I want.”  (Yes, she can read the prices – and knows how to appeal to my frugal heart.)  And she loves the idea of Weddings. 

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t horrible.  It just isn’t great.  It was rushed out in 2011 to capture “Princess wedding” mania.  It has licenced characters in it!  I swore that I would never buy such things.  😦

Yes, this is going to be the first book she can read by herself.   I am so proud.

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