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Mission: Nice & pleasant – Week 1

June 3, 2011

Grade: C+

I did good in some tricky situations this week, but I lost my cool a few times too.

Best situation  (and potential lesson?): 

I had my mom over helping me with a big DIY building project for the kids.  My mom is the most negative critical person!  Everything that she says seems like a criticism:  “Are you REALLY going to make it like that?”   “What are you going to do about this horrible XX??!?”   “Do you have a BETTER tool?  This one is terrible!”


I was calm, cool and thanked her often for her help… without getting upset with her running commentary of complaints.  (Yeah me!)

I really don’t think she has any clue how she comes off to other people.   She is one of those people who, when you are out to dinner with them, you pray she doesn’t get lousy service, because she will tell the server what they screwed up in a disgruntled way (with a lot of huffing and pursed lips)… while you try to shrink into the wallpaper.

What it got me to thinking is – My husband reacts to everything I say like it is a criticism.  Is there any chance that… (heaven forbid) … I am like my… mother?   Maybe even a little? 

Worse Situation:

More shouting in front of the kids last night (or was it the night before?). 

I got home from work a little before 6, fed the baby and got out of my work clothes.  Then I started on dinner for Girl.  She said she wanted an egg sandwich, but then started melting down that I was making egg salad  (Duh, it was 6:30 and she hadn’t eaten… anything and everything was going result in a meltdown!) 

Hubby started to make snarky comments about what I was cooking for her, etc.  Stuff like “Good luck with that”  I Front Of HER!    I yelled for him to stop. He said a couple more, then said he was leaving.  (good for him!)  I followed him saying “Of course you are leaving, you have already made YOUR comments.”   (bad me.)

So I say, it was passable, but not very good.  Wish me better luck for next week…

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  1. June 4, 2011 7:05 pm

    You know, at least you are recognizing patterns and you are willing to self-examine. That’s a lot more than most people are doing. And it takes practice and patience–lots of both.

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