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First times…

May 12, 2011

I just mowed the lawn for the first time.  Ever. 

If you knew me, you would be pretty surprised.  Not that I mowed the lawn… No, I am a friend to power tools (I have a router and a table saw and I  know how to use them!)   No.  That I have never mowed the lawn before. 

CRUD!  I just realized that I have mowed the lawn before.  With a push reel mower back when we first bought the house… hmmmm… OK – change that to used a Power mower.   Well… on with my point.

I refuse to be “THAT” house on the street this year.  You know the one… overgrown grass, weedy beds, broken chairs in the backyard.   Last year, the only time our grass was cut was when one of our very fastidious neighbors got sick of it and cut it for us.  😦  We actually got a citation from the city for tall weeds in our backyard.  

So, I put baby boy down for his nap and dashed outside.  I dragged the mower up from the basement and strung two extension cords together to reach the front yard.  Once I figured out where to plug it in, I was off… 

5 mins later – Beautiful cut grass.  And no longer the neighborhood eyesore.

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