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Goals… Always good to know where you are going.

May 3, 2011

I was just thinking to myself the other day – I wish I had a road map or some guide to fixing your marriage without assistance from the other party.  Not that what I have read isn’t useful but it seems so…vague.  I know what I should strive for, but not how to start. 

Then I stumbled across this blog “Divorce Busting: It’s never to late to save your marriage”.  Sure they are trying to sell a book and phone consultations, but there is some interesting, practical advice on the posts. 

When you try something new is it really new or is it merely a variation of thing you’ve tried that hasn’t worked?  I have equipped you with a series of helpful techniques for bringing about change with your spouse: Do Something Different, Act As If, Easier Done Than Said, The Medium is In The Message, and Do a 180.  Find one that is radically different from what you’ve been doing.

I have been mulling the idea of “Act as if”… as in Act as if I was happy in my marriage and “Easier Done than Said” …as in to just start doing what I want in our life, he can come along if he wants too.  (Tonight I had family dinner and family time with my daughter.  I just did it. With no request or expectation of his participation.)

One of the older posts, has sparked my interest:

The question is what do you want in your marriage and how will you know when you get it?  Good question, isn’t it?

This reminded me of something I did a long time ago when I was unhappy with my life direction and work.  I made a poster with a slogan and supporting images. (I just took pictures of that tattered poster before throwing it away.  It was nice to see that those ideas were now part of my day to day life!) 

 I have some ideas, but it is going to take some thought.  Preliminary words are: Connected.  Partner. Fun.   I will post my final result.  🙂

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  1. May 5, 2011 9:18 pm

    Wow. I appreciate your honesty. I applaud you for trying different things for your marriage and I am sorry you are struggling. I know we all struggle, it’s just so hard to actually want to admit it. I’ll be following your journey and wishing you well.

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