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Happy Spring!

May 1, 2011

Spring is my favorite season of the year. 

I love the progression of flowers that you can see everywhere.

I love watching the buds on the trees and waiting for the day that they finally pop and leaf-out.  We call that Leaf Day and I have struggled on how to mark the day (Which I think is pretty cool and worth celebrating!) 

Since Leaf day nearly always happens around May 1 here, Last year I started something new with my daughter, May day baskets.  We made construction paper cones with handles and filled them with flowers from the garden.  Then we went to each of her Grandmas’ houses, put down the cone of flowers, rang the doorbell and then hid.  The giggling from the bushes gave us away – but she had a great time!

This year my sister and her daughter are in on it (both of the girls are 4).  We made the baskets today and will be dropping them off tomorrow morning.  We are going to do more – some for a couple neighbors as well as both Grandmas and my sister too!  Interestingly, last year we used Lilacs and the late-blooming white daffs. But this year those aren’t even close to blooming.  We will be using yellow daffs and tulips. (spring is a couple WEEKS later this year!)

It is going to be a big day for the girls… we are going to do our May day basket surprises on the way to our “Princess party” at my moms.  (Yes, we are all getting dressed up and going to have a girly day and watch the “Real prince” get married.  Mom recorded it since we all had to work on Friday…)

What do you do to celebrate the seasons?

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