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April 25, 2011

I have been thinking about my husband’s behavior… not trying to wallow or criticize.  Just to notice it.

And I think I have found a pattern to some of his most anoying behaviors…  ESCAPE.

He takes naps. (lots.)  He plays works on the computer.  He goes out to get something and is gone for hours.  He goes and plays in his studio. All in addition to the normal “Hi honey, I am going out with my buddies for a while … ”

Ok. If you lived somewhere…:

  •  where your behavior was criticized a lot.
  • where there is tension and often arguments out of nothing
  • where there are wining and crying kids
  • that is a MESS and others expect you to work on cleaning it up (or are mad ’cause you left it that way)

wouldn’t you want to escape too?

I know that I want to. Regularly!   

But I don’t… 

Somehow it became me against him, instead of us against the the chores and work of our family and life.  Rather than us being a team; we are foes trying to get the other to do more. 

How do I change that? 

And I think I willl be doing some escaping myself.  But I will schedule it 🙂

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