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Back to work… baby #2

September 23, 2010

I went back to work today.  Boy is now 6 weeks old and is doing great!  (Girl is in her first year of 5 day a week preschool for 2 weeks now and is having a blast.)

Breastfeeding has been so much easier this time so Husband & I have been in sort of a “babymoon”.  It is times like this – when we get along and don’t yell or argue (much) – when I think that we will be fine.   But now I realize that we are just on our “best behavior” and then we slip and the old problems are still there.

Anger is our biggest problem… 

I am reading an interesting book about this Happily Married With Kids  that has a chapter titled “Rage as a signal”.  Wow rage…  do you feel rageful?  (Not a word – but it should be!)  I wouldn’t have called it RAGE.  That seems like such an extreme word.    

But at 3 in the morning when he is nowhere to be found (husband that is) and the baby is screaming… that maybe what it is. 

Right now when Girl is refusing to go to sleep by pounding on her door… (again!) and I am once again taking care of both kids alone after a long day… maybe rage isn’t so strong a word.

When he, once again, lectures me on how to properly wake him up from a nap in the middle of the day when I need help since both the children have been screaming and crying for 15 mins….   yeah… maybe that is rage.

Rage can leak out in snarky comments, unkind tone of voice, or passive aggressive “forgetting”.   All of which are not very fun to live with.  And will lead to more hurt feelings, anger and rage. 

Hmmm… food for thought…

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